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The Canadian Herbalist Association of British Columbia is an Organization
of Herbal Practitioners and Enthusiasts Founded in 1973 to Provide Leadership and Direction for Herbal Medicine in the 21st Century.

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The purpose and goals of the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of BC is to:

  • To form an Association which provides standards of education, codes of ethics and standards of practice, and certification for duly qualified Herbal Therapists who will practice under a code of ethics and regulations as set by the Association.
  • To raise funds for all purposes of the Association by fees from its members, by private or public subscriptions, and any other ways or means which the Association may determine.
  • To collaborate with other organizations having similar objectives. To advocate for a vibrant, unified community based on the commitment of continued learning and the practice of herbal medicine.
  • Advance the understanding and knowledge of the practice of Herbalism.
  • To increase the acceptance of herbal medicine through public awareness and the promotion/ cultivation of research and preservation of the diverse ethnic, ethnobotanical and traditional approaches to the use of western herbal medicine.
  • Provide a collective voice for our membership at the government level.
  • To unite herbal professionals worldwide; enhance communication and networking among professional registered herbalists and herbal enthusiasts.
  • To protect the character and status of the profession.
  • To safe guard and advance the high standards of herbal education, professionalism, standards of practice and prudent ethics in the practice of herbal medicine.
  • To advocate for the continued public awareness of herbalists and the use of herbal medicine as viable options for optimal maintenance of good health.
  • To educate on the importance of herbal conservation and advocate for protected medicinal plant species and awareness of respectful, sustainable cultivation and harvesting.
  • To maintain and support the ethical research of herbal medicine.
  • To provide solidarity through prudent leadership and inclusive direction for herbal medicine in the twenty first century and beyond.

The CHAofBC also works to unite herbal professionals worldwide; assisting in the protection of the character and status of all herbalists

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